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Located just north of Gun Club Road in North Stamford, the

Stamford Land Conservation Trust’s Birch Meadow Preserve is

25.5 acres of permanently protected forest and wetlands. The

second largest of SCLT’s preserves, Birch Meadow is a wonderful

example of local biodiversity — consisting of forest, a small pond,

diverse wetlands such as vernal pools, and approximately

one-third of neighboring Lake Windermere.

The preserve provides important woodland and wetland habitat for

a wide variety of animals including deer, coyotes, amphibians, and aquatic and terrestrial birds.  Mature forests in the northern part of the preserve are supplemented by second-growth forest throughout the remainder of the area, and stone walls mark a significant part of the preserve’s boundaries.

As shown in this aerial photo, taken from the southern edge of the preserve looking north from Gun Club Road, the property extends from Gun Club Road almost all the way to South Lake Road and Wallenberg Road.

Visitors Welcome!

Birch Meadow is accessible to visitors, who are welcome to enjoy its natural beauty year-round. The preserve’s .75-mile trail system (shown in blue on our trail map) adjoins the adjacent Windermere on the Lake Development, where there are additional private trails. 


Public access to the preserve is only available through an easement at the end of Gun Club Road. OTHERWISE THE PRESERVE IS SURROUNDED BY PRIVATE PROPERTY.

In addition to hiking the trails, we suggest that visitors take the time to relax and enjoy an excellent view of Windermere Lake from a stone bench situated at the end of the short spur trail shown on the trail map. While you are there, make sure to locate the plaque adjacent to the bench that commemorates the contributions of Percy Langstaff — a former president of the Trust and a visionary advocate for the preservation of open space.

We encourage you to spend a peaceful hour or two enjoying this unique and special natural oasis, tucked away right here in Stamford’s own backyard.

Birch Meadow Preserve
Birch Meadow Map 2 (1).jpg
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