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The Stamford Land Conservation Trust’s Squirrel Run Preserve

comprises13 acres of woodland with frontage on Riverbank Road

in North Stamford. 


The preserve is best accessed by parking on Ridgecrest

Road and then walking to a gated entrance 300 feet south on

Riverbank Road.  A sign identifies the property. The property was

originally donated to The Nature Conservancy in 1972 and

transferred to the Stamford Land Conservation Trust in 1991 for

local management. It originally comprised five separate tracts.

Squirrel Run is forested, with two diverse large tracts connected by a 20-yard-wide strip of land, and borders two small ponds that provide habitat for waterfowl and amphibians.  The northern portion is divided into two relatively flat portions by a rock ledge, with the elevated portion in the eastern portion.  It is wooded but within the last 50 years or so was cleared and there are remnants of the prior plantings including evergreen red cedars which can be seen in the drone photograph below. 


The property boundaries for this section are marked on the north and east sides by fencing, and on the south side by an old stone wall.  More stone walls crisscross the property.

Traversing from the northern to the southern portion requires passing another steeper ledge and is best done along the fence at the eastern edge.  In the southern portion there rougher terrain and this area represents a more mature forest that has not been cleared recently.  This rocky terrain provides a wealth of habitat for mammals and reptiles alike.

Although there is no formal trail system, Squirrel Run is open to the public for visitation, exploration and enjoyment.  We encourage you to come see for yourself.

Squirrel Run Preserve
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